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David Meyer, Attorney to Con-Man Troy Stratos

Thank you for visiting the site www.imetdavidmeyer.com.  This site is being modelled after the site www.imettroy.com that was formed by the Victims of Troy Stratos, a known con-man who David Meyer represented.  

Troy Stratos was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in Federal Prison, and David Meyer the attorney who allowed these Frauds to occur has not been charged to date, and is still practicing law as a Partner at the Highly Respected firm of Arent Fox.  Meyer, a Partner at Venable LLP at the time of these crimes, was terminated by Venable LLP within 2 months of these crimes becoming public, and joined Arent Fox immediately upon his termination.  Additionally, David Meyer has received great publicity for his recent marriage to Camille Grammer of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

 The entire goal of this site, is to bring to light the fraudulent deeds that David Meyer perpetrated on behalf of his client and to have him disbarred from the Legal Industry and indicted for his actions.

A formal Complaint has been filed with the California Bar as of April 5, 2019 and a Memorandum is being created to supply to the different US Attorney's in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Los Angeles.

On this Website you will find Court Records that clearly show the frauds David Meyer covered for and committed, including Creating Fraudulent Entities and an Alias for Troy Stratos so he could further perpetrate his frauds.

Acting under the Meyer created alias "Ken Dennis", Meyer and Stratos created Soumaya Securities and confirmed to multiple parties that "Ken Dennis" was a representative of Carlos Slim the Mexican Billionaire.  Further, the entity name "Soumaya" was selected as "Soumaya" is the name of Carlos Slim's deceased wife.

In the attached Court Filings and Opinions, you will read a 9th Circuit Panel of Judges making the following statements on David Meyer and his representation of Troy Stratos:

- "Meyer was the Maker of the False Statements" (9th Circuit Opinion pg 13)

- "Not only did attorney Meyer make false statements to managing agent Burns, he also made material omissions when he failed to reveal that there was no Facebook deal; that Stratos, not Soumaya Securities, was Venable LLP's client; and that ESG Capital's $2.8 Million deposit  would be immediately dispersed to Stratos." (9th Circuit Opinion pg. 15)

- "Meyer Had a Duty to Disclose to ESG Capital." (9th Circuit Opinion pg. 16)

- "It is well established that an attorney has an independent legal duty to refrain from defrauding nonclients." (9th Circuit Opinion pg. 22-23)

- "Meyer placed ESG Funds into an unauthorized client trust account and issued checks to Stratos and Venable LLP using those funds without ESG Capital's knowledge or permission." (9th Circuit Opinion pg. 24)

- "Attorney Meyer and Venable LLP received and unjustly retained $350,000 at ESG Capitals' expense." (9th Circuit  Opinion pg. 25)

- "Attorney Meyer and Venable LLP: (1) assisted Troy Stratos to "use ESG Capital's funds as his personal piggy bank," (2) placed  ESG Capital's funds into an unauthorized client trust account, and (3) issued checks to themselves using ESG Capital's funds without ESG Capital's knowledge or permission." (9th Circuit Opinion pg. 26)

- "ESG Capital has sufficiently plead that attorney Meyer knew Stratos's real identity and helped him create Soumaya Securities as part of the fraudulent Facebook deal.  ESG Capital has sufficiently plead that attorney Meyer Aided and Abetted Stratos." (9th Circuit Opinion pg. 26)

- "ESG Capital sufficiently pled its Federal Fraud Claim. ESG Capital sufficiently pled its state law claims for conversion, unjust enrichment, unfair business practices, aiding and abetting fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud." (9th Circuit Opinion pg. 28)

Please check back for further updates as we receive them and if you or anyone you know has been affected by David Meyer please contact us at info@imetdavidmeyer.com.


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